Urban Transformations is a network of ESRC-funded projects, showcasing research on cities.

Major changes are taking place in cities across the globe, both in the fast-growing urban centres of developing countries and in the declining or resurgent cities in the developed world. The majority of people now live in urban areas and the urban population in many developing countries will exceed 50 per cent by 2030. Transformations in urban economies, new technologies, and responses to environmental change are reshaping the distribution of power, resources, and information in cities. These transformations are radically reshaping social relations and the built environment in some cities, while others experience continuity or decline, seemingly unable to garner the opportunities flowing from these changes. This is why the ESRC has selected urbanisation as a major focus area for investment, leading to the creation of the Urban Transformations portfolio with coordination based at the University of Oxford.

ESRC's Urban Transformations portfolio aims to critically assess and understand the impact and significance of these transformations for the welfare and wellbeing of urban citizens across the globe.

Background information on our current range of activity:

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