Between 2005 and 2011 we undertook a major programme of international benchmarking reviews to assess the comparative performance of social science disciplines in the UK.

We worked in partnership with professional bodies to benchmark the UK social sciences against international standards. This was an important and high-profile initiative that aimed to:

  • highlight the standing and contribution of UK social science disciplines
  • identify ways of enhancing performance and capacity
  • promote future research agendas.

The results of our International Benchmarking Reviews suggest actions for professionals, funders and users of research. Whilst there may be recommendations for the ESRC, the outcomes will concern, and will be considered by, social science funders generally. We will use review results to inform our work to sustain the health of social science disciplines, and to feed into our strategic planning process.

Review reports

The following statistical overviews were produced by Paul Wakeling for the reviews: