The studentships allocated to Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) are administered through Doctoral Training Grants (DTGs).

These DTGs are supported by UK Research and Innovation terms and conditions. Further details can be found in our Postgraduate Funding Guide (this document is regularly updated so please make sure you are accessing the most recent version).

The value of a DTG is calculated using a notional cost and an estimate of the average length (3.5 years) of a studentship (based on a 50:50 split of 1+3 and +3 awards). Payments are profiled over the duration of the grant and will be made on a quarterly basis in-line with the profile.

The notional cost from October 2018 has been calculated as:

  • Standard maintenance: £14,777
  • Fees: £4,260
  • Research Training Support Grant: £750
  • Overseas Fieldwork Support: £450
  • Total: £20,237

DTPs and CDTs also receive funding for student and cohort development, paid as a single payment per student on the Doctoral Training Grant.

Where relevant, the Doctoral Training Grant is supplemented to cover London weighting. Each studentship allocated to a DTP and CDT is calculated as if it was a full award, but the research organisation can also allocate part-time and fees-only studentships as appropriate. Students must receive the full value of an award they are entitled to (for example, if a student is eligible for a full award the research organisation can't fund them on a fees-only basis).

DTPs are expected to manage their funds flexibly; however ESRC will provide additional funding for Disabled Students' Allowance and for associated studentships.

We expect DTPs to meet the full costs of supporting their students from within the cash limit of their training grant. Only in unforeseen or exceptional circumstances will we agree to add additional funds to a training grant (via an additional funding stream on the grant) and such a request will only be met if there are no other contingency funds or training grants to draw on.