We regularly monitor and evaluate the progress of individual DTPs and CDTs in a number of ways.

ESRC case officers

In line with other large ESRC investments, we have adopted an investment management approach for our DTPs and CDTs. This means that each DTP/CDT has been allocated an ESRC case officer. Their role is to support and monitor the performance of the DTPs and CDTs.

Annual report

Each DTP/CDT is required to submit an annual report every September. The annual report is intended to provide easily comparable data against which the development of the DTP/CDT can be measured over time and benchmarked against others. It will also provide the opportunity for the investments to comment on their development and detail challenges and successes.

Annual meeting

The Investment Director and ESRC case officer will meet once a year. The key purpose of this meeting will be to monitor progress based on the information collected through the annual report and Je-S Student Details Functionality and to follow up on any issues. The ESRC Case Officer will work with the Investment Director to ensure it delivers its objectives. The meeting also provides a forum for sharing and capturing best practice and exploring ways to maximise the contribution of the doctoral training investment to the network. 

Mid-term review 

A mid-term review exercise will be undertaken between October and December 2019, where we will look at the DTP’s performance against key targets and requirements as set out in the original DTP call specification.
The CDTs will not be included in this review as they have been funded for three years only.