We are the largest UK funding organisation for research and postgraduate training in the economic and social sciences. Our focus is on funding excellent, independent, social science which has impact.

Our postgraduate students are the UK’s best social science students, selected through open and transparent competitions, managed through our Doctoral Training Network. From October 2017, we will be delivering all of our new studentship funding through our DTPs and Centres for Doctoral Training whilst our Doctoral Training Centres will continue to support existing students.

If you are a prospective student and you wish to apply for postgraduate funding you should apply directly to the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) or Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) at which you wish to study. We do not provide funding to students directly.

Being an ESRC student means that you are:

  • funded to receive research training in one of the UK’s top social science training institutions
  • able to access a Research Training Support Grant to cover the costs of additional training, conference attendance and fieldwork
  • able to access additional funding to undertake overseas institutional visits and internships with non academic organisations.

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