We play a key strategic role in supporting the training of the UK social science community by providing a range of funding opportunities for researchers throughout their career. We invest in high quality research training to promote the development of skilled researchers who are able to:

  • produce high quality, original and insightful research
  • tackle the most pressing social and economic challenges
  • have a broad impact on our society and academic community
  • promote the development of a vibrant and fair society
  • contribute and advance our understanding of behaviour and social life

We provide a range of resources for the entire UK social science postgraduate community.

Training, skills and research resources

Postgraduate research collaboration

Through collaboration between postgraduate students and non-academic organisations, partners learn about each other’s expertise, share knowledge and gain an appreciation of different professional cultures.

  •  Our Postgraduate collaboration page provides information and guidance on a range of collaborative opportunity ideas, and case study examples of our students’ experiences.

Helping you make an impact with your research

  • Our impact toolkit provides guidance on how to achieve maximum impact for your research.
  • Our media training courses provide you with the basic skills you need for working with the press.

Other resources for PhD students

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