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Home-based businesses lack policy support

15 November 2018 News

The significance of home-based businesses for entrepreneurship in cities is underestimated, and their needs largely ignored by policymakers, suggest researchers.

Flexibility not helping workers

13 November 2018 News

Flexible working is not necessarily helping workers to relieve their work-family conflict, suggests a recent report into work autonomy, flexibility and work-life balance across Europe. Workers may end up working longer hours, or worry about work when not working.

ESRC launches 2019 Celebrating Impact Prize

13 November 2018 News

The ESRC is pleased to launch the 2019 Celebrating Impact Prize. The ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize is an annual opportunity to recognize and celebrate the success of ESRC-funded researchers in achieving and enabling outstanding economic and/or social impact from excellent social science research. 

'Super empaths' with rare condition can feel your pain

13 November 2018 News

1-2% of the population are born with a rare condition that means that whenever they see someone else being touched, they feel a tactile sensation on their own body. These people report literally sharing the sensations of others, be it pleasure or pain. A new study shows that people with mirror touch synaesthesia (MTS) are so tuned into other people's emotions, that they may even lose the ability to differentiate themselves from others.