ESRC Council

The ESRC Council is a committee of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) created under the Higher Education and Research Act 2017 alongside eight other committees. It is made up of members from business, civil society and the public sector, as well as representatives from the academic community. Council advises the Executive Chair and UKRI Board on social science activity

Strategic Advisory Network

The Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) provides the ESRC Executive with strategic expert support and agile advice to take advantage of future opportunities to access the voice and expertise of its communities and was established in April 2018.

Directors group

The ESRC Council delegates day-to-day responsibility for the allocation of funds, management of current research investments, and development of policy and strategy to our Directors group. The Directors group includes our Executive Chair, Directors and Deputy Directors.

Executive Chair

Our Executive Chair is responsible for the implementation of our policies and decisions, and for the overall management of the ESRC Office.

ESRC office

We have around 140 staff working across several teams.

Declarations of interest

Directors and Council members are required to declare any private, professional or commercial interests that might conceivably conflict with the interests of the ESRC. These interests are updated annually and are open to public inspection.