Professor Jennifer Rubin is the Executive Chair of the ESRC and Champion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). She is also Professor of Public Policy at King’s College London and was appointed to the Independent Industrial Strategy Council in November 2018.

Jennifer was previously Director of the Policy Institute at King's College and has spent nearly 30 years building and leading research programmes and institutes inside and outside academia to address a range of societal challenges spanning justice and home affairs, cross-cutting public health and new funding models for public services. In this capacity she has led research and been an advisor on several reviews focusing on measurement and improving outcomes including on serious and organised crime for the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, and on the costs of antimicrobial resistance for the O’Neill Review. She was on the executive team of the not-for-profit policy research institution RAND’s European offices, most recently as Executive Vice President. 

Jennifer is currently the UK representative on NATO’s task force on ethnic intolerance in the military and is the Executive Champion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for UKRI. She has advised the Executive offices of the UK and several other European governments, the US, New Zealand and the European Commission.

Jennifer was a postdoctoral visiting scholar at Harvard following a PhD at the University of Cambridge in Social and Political Sciences and a first class degree in European Politics at Loughborough University.