As a public body we are committed to sharing the data we have relating to our performance and the broader landscape of social science research and skills in the UK.

Application and award data

Each year we receive and evaluate around 1,500 applications for funding from a wide range of research organisations. The outcomes of our decision processes are a rich source of information, useful to ESRC, applicants and Research Organisations.

Demand management

We are committed to working towards effective and transparent arrangements for managing demand for our research funding. Our aim is to attract fewer – but higher-quality – applications, so that the best social science can be funded in the most effective way.

Grant processing measures

It's in everyone's interests that funding decisions are made in a timely way. We work with our Peer Review College and the broader community of researchers and users of research to ensure this.

Performance management: BEIS quarterly meetings

As part of the departmental performance monitoring of its partner organisations, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) hold quarterly meetings with ESRC. These are structured around a framework which includes a review of risks and a review of risks and a review of progress against Delivery Plan targets.

Overview of ESRC

A comprehensive analysis of the inputs and outputs of our research funding processes: