The consistent use of the ESRC identity across all our corporate materials helps build recognition and familiarity of our identity.

Our identity guidelines provide guidance on how to use the different elements of the ESRC identity, including our logo.

Who are the identity guidelines for?

The identity guidelines offer a comprehensive set of instructions and best practice for anyone designing, or working with, ESRC's corporate identity.

ESRC-funded students, researchers and investments must always display the ESRC logo on any promotional and corporate material including publications, reports, presentations, websites and stationery.

Designers working on ESRC corporate materials will be expected to apply the ESRC brand and identity in a clear and consistent fashion.

Anyone working with the ESRC logo and identity should familiarise themselves with these guidelines.

Logo pack

You can download our ESRC logo pack below. The pack contains artwork in various file formats: EPS (Pantone / CMYK / B&W), GIF and JPEG (RGB / B&W).

Our logo must be used in accordance with our identity guidelines.

All of our master logos and support graphics are available on request. If you require advice on which version of our logo to use, please email