UK Research & Innovation (UKRI), as supported by NERC, the Medical Research Council and the Economic & Social Research Council, has linked with the Belmont Forum to launch a call on Climate, environment and health. 

Applications are invited for multilateral, inter- and transdisciplinary research projects which seek to improve understanding of the pathways between climate, environment and health as outlined in the call document.

Research consortia should make use of transdisciplinary, end-user focused approaches to investigate and address the linkages between climate, environment and health. Projects should seek to bridge knowledge gaps, understand health risks, improve predictability, and deliver usable data, information, and innovative solutions to planners and decision makers.

This call has a two-stage submission process. Deadlines for submission are:

Expressions of Interest (mandatory for proposal submission) to be submitted online by 16:00 on 6 May 2019.

Full proposals to be submitted online by 16:00 on 23 July 2019.

Full information can be found on the NERC call webpage.