When considering submitting a proposal to ESRC you must consider the following:

Please note: If you are interested in postgraduate funding, please refer to the ESRC guidance on studentships . The ESRC does not directly provide funds for postgraduate students. If you wish to apply for postgraduate funding, you should apply directly to a Doctoral Training Partnership.

What to do if you are unsure whether your research is suitable for funding by ESRC

If you are unsure whether your proposed research falls within the remit of ESRC, please complete the Remit query form

You don't need to provide detailed background information, references or costs relating to your research within the form. It is more helpful to explain clearly the research challenges, social science methodologies, outputs and beneficiaries of your proposed research.

For further information about ESRC's scientific remit, please refer to our discipline classifications

We also advise you to contact us prior to submission if you are working at an interface area between research councils. We are in regular contact with other research councils to ensure that applications are assessed by those with the most appropriate expertise.

Our joint statement with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) relating to the interfaces between the arts and humanities and the social sciences may be useful before contacting either AHRC or ESRC with a remit query.

The Cross-Council Remit Agreement (CCRA) – updated July 2020

The Research Councils’ Cross-Council Remit Agreement (formerly known as Cross-Council Funding Agreement) is the process for collaborating on the peer review of research proposals that straddle more than one Research Council’s remit under their ‘responsive-mode’ research grants schemes. The aim of Cross-Council Remit Agreement is to ensure that no gaps develop between the Councils’ subject domains and to ensure equality of opportunity for proposals at the interface between traditional disciplines, where many of the major research challenges of our time are located.

Further information on the CCRA can be found on UKRI website.


If you have any other queries about remit, please contact esrcremit@esrc.ukri.org