As part of your ESRC application you will be asked to complete an Impact Summary (4000 characters max) and a Pathways to Impact attachment (maximum two A4 pages). Careful consideration of Pathways to Impact is an essential component of research proposals and a condition of funding. Grants will not be allowed to start until a carefully considered Pathways to Impact statement is received.

Impact summary

The Impact Summary should answer the following questions:

  • Who will benefit from this research?
  • How will they benefit from this research?

The Impact Summary may be published to demonstrate potential impact of ESRC-funded research. Please ensure confidential information is not included in this summary.

Pathways to impact

A carefully considered Pathways to Impact statement should be:

  • project-specific and not generalised
  • flexible and outcome-driven

and encourage researchers to:

  • identify and actively engage relevant users of research and stakeholders at appropriate stages
  • articulate a clear understanding of the context and needs of users and consider ways for the proposed research to meet these needs or impact upon understandings of these needs
  • outline the planning and management of associated activities including timing, personnel, skills, budget, deliverables and feasibility
  • contain evidence of any existing engagement with partners or consultees.