If you are a new ESRC grant holder, these are some of the essential things you need to know. 

Communicating your research

Adherence to the communications policy (summarised below) is a condition of the receipt of funds from an ESRC research grant. You must:

  • Give initial publicity for the grant, together with the host research organisation(s).
  • Acknowledge ESRC support as far as possible, including in all publications and other forms of  communication, such as press releases, PowerPoint presentations, papers, stationery, etc, using the logo where appropriate. You must follow our visual identity and logos guidelines.
  • Acknowledge the type of ESRC support and quote the grant reference number where possible. See our guidance on acknowledging ESRC in journal articles.
  • Give us advance notice and sight of press releases at least two working days before they are distributed and, where possible, advance notice of likely newspaper articles or media appearances.
  • Communicate your research findings through publications, seminars, conferences, electronic outlets and the media, to both academic and non-academic audiences, potential users and beneficiaries (especially business, government and voluntary organisations)

See our Research Funding Guide for further information .

Our impact toolkit includes information on developing an impact strategy, promoting knowledge exchange, public engagement and communicating effectively with your key stakeholders

Uploading your outputs

Unless you are told otherwise, you are contractually obliged to upload any outcomes arising from your grant to Researchfish.

Open access

All ESRC grant holders must ensure that any journal articles or conference proceedings are published in accordance with the Research Councils' open access policy.

Keeping in touch with ESRC

There are a number of ways to keep up-to-date with the latest ESRC news, including: