A Knowledge Transfer Partnership provided vital support for Welsh charity Llamau in winning contracts and grants worth over £4 million and becoming the leading charity for their client group, rolling out services across Wales.


  • At the start of the KTP, Llamau worked in ten local authority areas in South Wales, but has expanded to work across the whole of Wales. The KTP was an important part of this, partly through the ability to deliver evidence-based support for vulnerable people.
  • During the KTP, Llamau successfully won tenders, contracts and grants amounting to over £4 million.
  • The KTP enabled Llamau to improve and redesign existing in-house training to staff as well as develop new training around specific mental health conditions - helping staff to perform their roles more effectively and supporting service users to achieve better outcomes.
  • Llamau has received recognition across the UK for its application of mental health screening of vulnerable people.

About the research

Llamau is a leading charity in Wales for homeless and vulnerable young people and women, providing essential skills for living independently and integrating into communities. A three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Cardiff University enabled Llamau to explore how the charity could best meet the needs of its service users through more targeted and focused support work.

The charity initiated the KTP project after discovering research undertaken by Dr Katherine Shelton and Professor Marianne Van den Bree into the underlying risk factors for homelessness experiences among young people.

The KTP - funded by Innovate UK, the Welsh Government and the ESRC - provided Llamau with evidence-based research findings that enabled it to respond more effectively to the needs of vulnerable people. In addition, the project heightened awareness of the links between homelessness and mental health, and contributed to Llamau attracting additional funding and widening its service coverage.

Research conducted by Cardiff University involved interviews with over 100 service users of Llamau and were designed to establish, for example, the reasons for homelessness, what developments had occurred in personal circumstances, and what access (if any) had been made to NHS mental-health services.

The success of the project was recognised at UK Innovate’s KTP Awards 2015, where the KTP was awarded the RCUK Societal Benefit Award.