Specialist childcare agency ISWA Ltd increased competitiveness and expanded its customer base, using a Knowledge Transfer Partnership to develop a new business plan and marketing strategy.


  • A strategic core business plan has been developed, with the flexibility to respond to government initiatives and market trends
  • A new marketing strategy has been developed around core business, with a secondary focus on the conferencing and local authority work
  • Effective monitoring and reporting processes have been introduced, including key performance indicators
  • Improved profitability in conference delivery
  • Increased capabilities and opportunities for working in partnerships.

"Achievements over the period of the KTP have been significant and, in particular, real improvements in the strategic marketing skills and competencies within the company have been achieved." (Richard J. Jack, Director, ISWA Ltd)

About the research

ISWA Ltd is a specialist child care agency providing independent social work assessments and therapeutic work with children and families across the UK and overseas. It also provides a regular series of training events throughout the UK.

The agency wished to increase its competitiveness and profitability by introducing effective business planning and expand its market share by developing existing and new service areas. However, the management recognised that it did not have the necessary in-house expertise, and initiated the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Wolverhampton Business School.

The KTP embedded improved management processes and marketing systems within ISWA which will enable the company to achieve sustainable growth and increased profitability over the next five years.

Detailed budgetary analysis and market research has led to a better understanding of the company's core sectors and costs, and a policy of competitive pricing is enhancing profitability across all business sectors. Customer relationship management software has been introduced to manage the customer database.