The Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) is seeking input to help determine the content of the Age 50 Sweep of the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70).

The Age 50 Sweep, scheduled to commence in 2020, provides the opportunity to collect a range of information from study members to aid the understanding of mid-life outcomes across multiple life domains and their lifetime determinants.

The Age 50 Sweep will likely involve a 75-minute face-to-face interview and a paper self-completion questionnaire, which will cover the following three broad themes:

  • Health, wellbeing and cognition: including topics such as physical health, mental health, medical care, health behaviours (e.g. smoking, drinking, diet, exercise), and cognitive function
  • Finances and employment: including topics such as work, income, wealth (savings and debts, pensions, and housing), retirement plans and education
  • Family, relationships and identity: including topics such as social networks, relationships with partners, parents, children, friends, neighbourhood, social capital, social, political and cultural participation, attitudes and values, and religion.

They are asking anyone who is interested (including academics, policy makers and representatives of the third sector) to put forward their suggestions for content and questions by 11 January 2019.

The suggestions will help them produce a high-quality survey that meets the needs of researchers across a range of disciplines and that has the potential to influence policy