A major new report looking at how the UK might withdraw from the EU was published today.

'How the United Kingdom might leave the European Union' was produced by the ESRC-funded UK in a Changing Europe initiative for the Political Studies Association. It unpacks and explains the process by which the UK will leave the EU.

The report investigates the triggering of Article 50 and discusses how the process might unfold; who might be involved in the process, and how; and what any longer term deal between the UK and its European partners might look like.

It is a rigorous and authoritative guide to what might transpire during the Brexit negotiations given the nature of British and European politics, the structure of the British state, and the legal frameworks within which both sides must operate.

Contributors include Catherine Barnard, Iain Begg, Damian Chalmers, Sara Hagemann, Joanne Hunt, Michael Keating, Martin Lodge, Anand Menon, Simon Usherwood and Richard Whitman.