The ESRC have announced funding for 22 new research projects under the ESRC Strategic Networks call with £3 million funding allocated from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

The successful projects will support novel, interdisciplinary and international collaboration between researchers and non-academics to identify substantive research agendas and shape the future direction of GCRF funding. The high quality networks funded through this call have strong potential to benefit the economic development and welfare of developing countries.

Strategic networks will bring together novel combinations of perspectives to identify key areas for future research, inform thinking on how these might be addressed, and build the capacities and relationships required to support this.

The 22 projects are:

  • Strategic network on justice, conflict and development
    Dr Kirsten Ainley, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Digital development: Leveraging data science and digital participatory practice for development impact
    Professor Dorethea Kleine, University of Sheffield
  • Gender violence across war and peace
    Professor Christine Chinkin, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Global ageing and long-term care network
    Professor Maria Evandrou, University of Southampton 
  • Equalities in public private partnerships (EQUIPPPS)
    Dr Jasmine Gideon, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Development implications of digital economies (DIODE) research network
    Professor Richard Heeks, University of Manchester
  • Education in divided societies: Developing and researching shared education in the Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia
    Professor Joanne Elizabeth Hughes, Queens University of Belfast
  • Dynamics of gender inequality in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia
    Professor Massoud Karshenas, SOAS University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies)
  • Beyond trafficking and slavery: Towards decent work for all
    Dr Prabha Kotiswaran, Kings College London
  • Transport and mobilities: Meeting the needs of vulnerable populations in developing cities
    Professor Karen Lucas, University of Leeds
  • The protective role of language in global migration and mobility: language policies and practices in refugee settings (ProLanguage)
    Professor Theodoros Marinis, University of Reading
  • Legal regulation of unacceptable forms of work: Global dialogue / local innovation
    Dr Deirdre McCann, Durham University
  • Socially inclusive cities
    Dr Ghazala Mir, University of Leeds
  • Migration for inclusive African growth network
    Professor Giles Mohan, Open University
  • Governing inclusive green growth in Africa
    Dr Chukwumerije Okereke, University of Reading
  • CSPE - The implementation gap in environmental initiatives through community engagement and public pedagogies
    Dr Mia Perry, University of Glasgow
  • Examining gender in Higher Education (EGHE): STEM and beyond. A UK-African countries network
    Dr Barbara Read, University of Glasgow
  • Effective prevention and inclusive responses to SGBV in humanitarian crises: The healthcare needs of LGBTI people in the Great Lakes region of Africa
    Dr Jill Steans, University of Birmingham
  • The ESRC global poverty and inequality dynamics (GPID) strategic research network
    Dr Andy Sumner, Kings College London
  • Comparative peacebuilding in Asia: Liberal and illiberal transitions from ethnic conflict and authoritarianism
    Dr Rajesh Venugopal, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Network for research on death, dying and end of life care among Syrian refugees in Lebanon
    Dr Shahaduz Zaman, University of Glasgow