The following grants were co-funded by ESRC and Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. All grants are funded for a year.

  • Creating a progressive Canada-UK Free Trade Agreement: gaining civil support in a post-Brexit world
    Applicants: Kamala Dawar - University of Sussex, Eugene Beaulieu - University of Calgary
    ESRC contribution: £6,372.77
  • Investment promotion and protection in the Canada-UK trade relationship
    Applicants: Yarik Kryvoi - British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Andrea Bjorklund - McGill University
    Co-applicant: Jean-Michel Marcoux - McGill University
    ESRC contribution: £6,816.40
  • Opportunities for post-Brexit trade expansion between Canada and the UK: a circular economy perspective
    Applicants: Paul Sheeran - University of Winchester, Deborah de Lange - Ryerson University
    Co-applicant: Philip Walsh - Ryerson University
    ESRC contribution: £7,282.81
  • The legal structure of the trading relationship of the UK and Canada after Brexit
    Applicants: Lorand Bartels - University of Cambridge, Armand de Mestral - McGill University
    ESRC contribution: £8,715.64
  • Gendering global trade through Canada-UK trade relationships
    Applicants: Adrienne Roberts - University of Manchester, Erin Hannah - King’s University College at Western University
    Co-applicant: Silke Trommer - University of Manchester
    ESRC contribution: £7,509.94
  • Political contestation about international economic agreements: lessons for the Canada-UK trade relationship after Brexit
    Applicants: Eze Ozlem Atikcan - University of Warwick, Achim Hurrelmann - Carleton University
    Co-applicants: Adam Chalmers - King’s College London, Crina Viju - Carleton University
    ESRC contribution: £7,027.35
  • Trade, intellectual property and innovation: policy implications for the Canada-UK relationship after Brexit
    Applicants: Marta Paczos - National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Olena Ivus - Queen's University
    ESRC contribution: £8,443.38
  • The roles of provinces and devolved administrations in the negotiation and implementation of a Canada-UK trade agreement
    Applicants: Ian Wooton - University of Strathclyde, Stéphane Paquin - École nationale d'administration publique
    Co-applicants: David Eiser - University of Strathclyde, Graeme Roy - University of Strathclyde, Hubert Rioux Ouimet - École nationale d'administration publique
    ESRC contribution: £8,047.88
  • Charting the sources of Brexit: lessons for Canadian-UK relations
    Applicants: Kenneth Shadlen - London School of Economics and Political Science, Krzysztof Pelc - McGill University
    Co-applicants: Stephanie Rickard - London School of Economics and Political Science, Leonardo Baccini - McGill University, Hubert Rioux Ouimet - École nationale d'administration publique
    ESRC contribution: £6,322.80
  • The (new) geography of international trade and investment: exploring the extent to which 'distance' matters in the establishment of economic relations between Canada and the UK
    Applicants: Saul Estrin - London School of Economics and Political Science, Daniel Shapiro - Simon Fraser University
    Co-applicants: Christine Côté - London School of Economics and Political Science, Jing Li  - Simon Fraser University, Klaus Meyer - Western University
    ESRC contribution: £10,081