Derry: food culture, history, production and the future

Join us to explore all things food in Derry! At this interactive event, why not circulate and experience the following:

  1. A discussion with food anthropologist Dr Alex Koensler, who has researched local food activism in Italy. Koensler will be discussing the promotion of local food production, and how to develop pride in local food production and culture.
  2. A presentation of food stories written by primary school children. The children are participating in an ongoing project to develop knowledge of local food and where it comes from (the DAIRE project, funded by InvestNI).
  3. Tasting of local food exhibited by local food producers
  4. A tour of Foodovation facility within North West Regional College

College students studying food-based subjects at North West Regional College will also be on hand to demonstrate and let you taste their produce.