Multilingual Stories from Scottish Schools

Our event builds on the success of the Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival in 2018, and explores the theme of multilingualism in Scottish classrooms as seen through the eyes of children and the lens of research. It consists of an art exhibition created by an artist working with primary age pupils; reflecting on their experience of multilingualism in schools and that of others. It also features a talk by Professor Antonella Sorace from Bilingualism Matters, with a special focus on multilingualism in education.

The event aims to bring multilingual and monolingual families together with pupils, teachers and researchers to dispel myths and stereotypes about multilingualism. It also aims to highlight the mutual benefits that can be gained by researchers working alongside people with real experiences.Bilingualism Matters (BM) is a research and information centre at the University of Edinburgh. Established in 2008, it aims to bridge the gap between research and different sectors of society, enabling people to make informed professional or personal decisions on bilingualism and language learning that are based on facts rather than prejudices, misconceptions, or misinterpretation of current research findings.