Past events can be a source of inspiration for your own event. Here are a few examples of events held in 2016 and 2017 giving an idea of the range of topics and presentation styles that can be used.

Programme of events 2017 (PDF, 2.8Mb)

Blog posts


  • Speed Geeking the Many Dimensions of Migration

  • Promoting community fitness for the physically disabled

  • False, fake and fibs: The science behind misinformation, 2018

  • Addressing the meat problems: What role for social science?, 2017

  • The Festival of Social Science in Glasgow, including Glasgow visits Ikea, 2017

  • Putting big data to "good use" - SAGE Publishing, 2017

  • 21st Century Man - Manchester Metropolitan University, 2017

  • My voice, my story: the lived experience of being a non-traditional student at university - Bournemouth University, 2016

  • Living with robots - University of Salford, 2016

  • The Social Science Market - University of Glasgow, 2016

  • Decent work and decent adult social care - Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016

  • The rime of the Ancient Manchester -  Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016

  • Plymouth Past Sustainable Future - Plymouth University, 2016

  • Awaken the spirit of discovery in science outside - Plymouth University, 2016

  • 5th Anniversary Screening of RUFUS STONE - Bournemouth University, 2016


Radio broadcasts

Plymouth's Festival Radio Shows - Radio Cognovia and Red House Radio


Bangor Photography and Poetry Exhibition 2016

You can also view images from some of the other events held in 2016 via Flickr, including:

  • Talking Big Data
  • Love a maggot
  • Is social media good for politics?

ESRC Festival of Social Science 2016

Event reports


Ir/Responsible Enterprise - St Andrews, Scotland

The Future of Higher Education (Skope website)