Your website must perform quickly, and across different web browsers and screen resolutions.

Browser compatibility

Websites can display differently in different web browsers. You need to ensure that your website works properly across all common browsers. 

Your website must display and work properly in:

  • Internet Explorer (version 8 and above)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari 

You should test how your site displays and functions in as many browsers as you can.

Mobile communications are becoming increasingly popular. You should ensure that your site displays properly and works well on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

If you are limited by the number of web browsers you can use at work, ask your friends to test the site in their browsers at home.

Screen resolutions

There are many screen resolutions available, ranging from 640x480 pixels to 1024x768 pixels and higher.

  • Design your website so that it displays properly across all screen resolutions.
  • Use a minimum screen resolution of 800x600 for your site design. 

One way to achieve compatibility across different screen resolutions is to design using percentages rather than pixels.

Page load times 

Your website must load quickly in browsers. Otherwise users are unlikely to continue viewing it.

  • You must ensure that all your web pages load quickly, ie in less than 10 seconds.