Unless otherwise stated in scheme specific guidance, normal ESRC rules apply for ESRC-led GCRF activities. This means principal investigators must be based at a UK institution eligible for research council funding. Co-investigators can be based anywhere in the world and we strongly encourage partnerships and collaborative relationships where these are substantive and meaningful.

International collaboration is not limited to co-investigators but may also involve other project partners, for example in promoting knowledge exchange and international impact, developing international datasets, and enhancing social science conceptual development on an international scale. 

Eligible costs

All applications will be subject to ESRC’s funding rules as outlined in our Research Funding Guide.

It is recommended that at least 10% of the overall budget should be dedicated to delivering the activities outlined in the impact plan.

Unless otherwise stated, we will consider funding the justified direct costs of international co-investigators at 100% fEC. Up to 30% of the 100% fEC cost of the grant may be allocated to international co-investigators. The funding limit for international co-investigators may be increased for specific calls and this will be made clear in the call guidance.