The Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN) is a collaborative network co-funded by ESRC and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

AQMeN is building on existing strategic investment aimed at encouraging and supporting postgraduate students and academics of all levels to expand their expertise and learn a range of new quantitative methods skills.

It was commissioned in response to the recommendations of the ESRC/SFC scoping study into quantitative methods capacity building in Scotland (PDF, 430Kb), and as part of a wider strategy to strengthen quantitative research skills in all UK regions.

About the Applied Quantitative Methods Network

The aim of the network is to bring together existing methodological expertise and boost capacity in quantitative methods through a programme of training, knowledge exchange and continuing professional development, to enhance the skills of a range of social scientists who have an interest in developing, enhancing or refreshing their quantitative skills. The Network is run by academics from eight HEIs in Scotland, but aims to target researchers in all Scottish HEIs.

AQMeN is focused on five main activities:

  • training and continuing professional development, through a programme of colloquia and training master classes led by experts and with follow-up support and advice. Two doctoral training events will specifically target postgraduate training needs: the first will focus on engaging students with quantitative methods, identifying datasets and highlighting their transferable skills; the second will be more focused on engagement with users.
  • a teaching development group will be established to work on creating effective modules for teaching quantitative methods at intermediate and advanced level. This will be mainly aimed at postgraduate students, and will involve provision of teaching materials and model datasets free of charge.
  • communication and knowledge exchange, encouraging dialogue and collaboration between researchers who are interested in similar statistical methods, using a multifunctional website and a range of electronic resources.
  • provision of statistical advice, guidance and support to Network members, mentoring for junior scholars and finding opportunities to link potential collaborators together.
  • facilitation of research development and collaboration, encouraging people to develop new areas of research.

The network will collaborate with the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), for example, through sharing of information, consultation on and (where possible) joint organisation of training events, provision of online resources and teaching modules, and general liaison over training and capacity building issues.