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Funded as part of the ESRC Big Data Network the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre (BLG DRC) is leading the way in advanced analytics to help companies, local authorities and academics use data more effectively. The Centre provides a world-class facility that brings together the expertise of academic researchers, social scientists, data scientists and statisticians to enable better decision making and help organisations solve real issues. BLG DRC offers secure data storage and access through its partnership with the UK Data Service the Centre employs state-of the-art technology and expertise in the field of secure data storage and safe access to ensure physical, hardware and software security.

The Centre focuses on three areas:

  • Exploring Data: The Centre offers a suite of data services including, a data catalogue, a secure data storage facility where data from a variety of sources are structured, stored and matched to produce new (and more granular) information useful to both local authorities and businesses and a training programme.
  • Enhancing Knowledge: Working collaboratively across academia, local government and business the Centre offers a suite of services to enhance analytical expertise.
  • Empowering Society: Focusing on four main areas the BLG DRC is conducting research concerned with using advanced data techniques to show improvements for policy and for businesses.