Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies - Wales (CFAS-Wales) is a longitudinal study looking at health and cognitive function in older people living in Wales.

CFAS Wales addresses key questions regarding later life and ageing in the 21st century that currently cannot be answered by other sources. The project is closely linked to the MRC-CFAS baseline project conducted in the mid-1990s in England and Wales (CFAS I), and a subsequent study in England beginning in 2008 (CFAS II).

CFAS Wales surveyed a new cohort of over 3000 older people enabling an evaluation of changes that have occurred over 15 years in lifestyle, including exercise and activities, and people's expectations of ageing, services and families, to be conducted. By evaluating function at individual, community and societal levels, as well as quantifying differences seen between 1994 and 2011, this study provides data that will advance scientific understanding and inform policy and planning for the ageing population in an era where by 2025 one in five of the population in the UK will be over 65 and 5.5% over 80 (UN, 2006).