Funded as part of the Future of the UK and Scotland Initiative the Scottish Referendum Study 2014 will conduct an internet panel survey of around 3,000 Scottish adults aged over 16. This constitutes the largest ever survey of Scottish voters at any election or referendum. These individuals will be surveyed before the referendum to identify the factors that influenced vote intention and the likelihood of voting and twice after the referendum to identify whether and why people voted the way they did. This will be a panel study, using the same respondents before and after the referendum in order to determine how intentions translate into behaviour, and to see how expectations influence reactions to the referendum result.

The study will also explore whether and how individuals decide to vote and how these processes might differ from those in elections at the Scottish or UK level. As part of this it will focus on the impact of the campaign itself and how campaign engagement might interact with the timing of vote decisions, knowledge of and perceived uncertainty about different constitutional options.

The surveys will be administered over the internet which offers benefits in terms of value for money, speed and versatility. It will also include a small number of survey experiments as part of its pre-election question, designed to strengthen the robustness of the causal inferences made. YouGov have been appointed to administer the surveys.