Cluster leader: Professor Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, University of East Anglia,


Older people's experiences of dignity and nutrition during hospital stays: Secondary data analysis using the Adult Inpatient Survey
Dr Polly Vizard, London School of Economics and Political Science,

Social connections and wellbeing in older adults
Professor Andrew Steptoe, University College London,

Flexible aging: new ways to measure and explore the diverse experience of population aging in Scotland, using the Scottish Longitudinal Study
Professor John MacInnes, University of Edinburgh,

Disability and care needs in the older population: disability benefits, social care and wellbeing
Professor Ruth Hancock, University of east Anglia,

The health and wellbeing of grandparents caring for grandchildren: The role of cumulative advantage/disadvantage
Dr Karen Glaser, King’s College London,

Pensions, health and wellbeing of older people in developing countries: insights from the WHO SAGE survey
Professor Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, University of East Anglia,

Sleep Disturbances and Mild Cognitive Impairment in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
Dr Michelle Miller, University of Warwick,

Cold Related Deaths and the Effect of Nudging the Elderly: Evidence from the Longitudinal Studies
Professor Ian Walker, Lancaster University,

Loneliness in later life: a longitudinal analysis using the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
Professor Christina Victor, Brunel University,

Financial dimensions of wellbeing in older age
Ms Sharon Collard, University of Bristol,

Alcohol consumption, life course transitions and health in later life
Professor Clare Holdsworth, Keele University,

Pension protection for minority ethnic groups in Britain: determinants, prospects and policy implications
Dr Athina Vlachantoni, University of Southampton,