Funded projects

Behavioural characteristics of cyber-criminals in online trading
Professor Brian Francis, Lancaster University Email:

Understanding quality of life and well-being of older people - Case studies of China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
Professor Asghar Zaidi, University of Southampton Email:

Alcohol misuse in the military: Should veterans' healthcare services focus on the longer-term physical, rather than mental, consequences of deployment?
Dr Laura Goodwin, King's College London Email:

Transportation and the socio-spatial dimensions of travel to work flows
Mr Richard Kingston, University of Manchester Email:

'Troubled Families' and Inter-agency Collaboration: Lessons from Historical Comparative Analysis
Professor Val Gillies, Goldsmiths College Email:

Disability, care and participation: secondary analysis of the Life Opportunities Survey and the 2009/10 Survey of Carers in Households
Professor Gillian Parker, University of York Email:

Examining the reach and effectiveness of cycle training in schools using the Millennium Cohort Study
Dr Anna Goodman, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Email:

Inciting dialogue and disruption - developing participatory analysis of the experience of living with dementia and dementia care
Professor Charlotte Clarke, University of Edinburgh Email:

Population Change and Geographic Inequalities in the UK, 1971-2011
Dr Christopher Lloyd, University of Liverpool Email:

Secondary analysis of qualitative video health experience interviews to inform policy and practice - what matters most to users about quality of care?
Dr Louise Locock, University of Oxford Email:

Utilising Adoption-Based Research Designs to Examine the Interplay Between Family Relationship Processes and Child Developmental Outcomes
Professor Gordon Harold, University of Sussex Email:

Evaluation, Revision and Extension of Ethnic Population Projections – NewETHPOP
Professor Philip Rees, University of Leeds Email:

Productivity and the allocation of capital following the great recession
Miss Helen Miller, Institute for Fiscal Studies Email:

Total Reward, the Great Recession and the Proposed Public Sector Pension Reforms: Evidence from the Public vs Private Sectors in the UK
Professor Peter Dolton, University of Sussex Email:

The analysis of names from the 2011 Census of Population
Professor Paul Longley, University College London Email:

Defining Mass Observation: using mixed-methods longitudinal analysis to increase knowledge of the Mass Observation Project's volunteer writers
Dr Rose Lindsey, University of Southampton Email:

Understanding the causes of school drop-out in Malawi
Professor Judith Glynn, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Email:

Explaining and Sustaining the Decline in Stranger, Acquaintance and Domestic Violence
Professor Andromachi Tseloni, Loughborough University Email:

Hidden Depths: A Detailed Study of Rape Crisis Data
Professor Liz Kelly, London Metropolitan University Email:

Making Wellbeing Count for Policy: Patterns and trends in personal, social and societal wellbeing in Europe and the UK
Dr Eric Harrison, City University London Email:

Addressing critical barriers to control of non-communicable disease (NCD) in low, middle and high income countries
Professor Martin McKee, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Email: