This research comprises a Commissioned Partnership Programme in support of the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction based in the College of Policing. The programme aims to develop a stronger evidence base for crime reduction. It will enhance the UK’s capacity to develop, disseminate and apply evidence-based approaches to crime reduction and make such evidence readily available to crime reduction practitioners. There will be an emphasis throughout on understanding not simply what works, but how it works. The project aims to position the UK as the preferred trainer for evidence-based crime reduction.

The programme will:

  • assess and make available existing systematic reviews, synthesising existing evidence that speaks to what works in crime reduction
  • complete 12 new reviews
  • produce a methodology to compare the relative costs and benefits of crime reduction interventions
  • devise a tool to cost crime reduction initiatives
  • design a police development programme to enable practitioners to understand, assess and apply what works evidence to crime problems
  • deliver a pilot of the development programme
  • complete primary research directed at gaps in the knowledge base
  • carry out an independent review of the What Works Centre identifying impact on decision-maker.