Some Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs) were given a specified number of awards in Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM).

The Advanced Quantitative Methods enhanced stipend was intended to encourage students to undertake AQM training and to apply this in their PhD research and beyond. This training was expected to be at a level over and above the basic generic and subject-specific methods requirements.

The AQM enhanced stipend was only available during the Doctoral (+3) programme and was not paid during any Master's training.

Our DTCs decided which of their students received an enhanced stipend.

What the stipend included

  • Successful candidates received a minimum of £3,000 per year above the ESRC standard studentship stipend.
  • The Research Training Support Grant (RTSG) for AQM award holders increased from the standard rate of £750 per year to £1,000 per year. This was to support the cost of training in Advanced Quantitative Methods.

Reporting requirements

Students who receive an Advanced Quantitative Methods enhanced stipend complete a report at the end of the award.

Please send your completed form to