• Professor John Downey, Loughborough University
    Loughborough University Advanced Training Courses in Social Sciences (£28,999)
  • Professor Gillian Rose, Open University
    Advancing Image-Elicitation Methods in the Social Sciences (£27,463)
  • Professor Thomas Baguley, Nottingham Trent University
    Prior exposure: Training in Bayesian data analysis to complement and enhance traditional statistical methods for psychology and the social sciences (£27,803)
  • Dr Yann Lebeau, University of East Anglia
    Social Studies of Environment and Sustainability (£28,695)
  • Professor Chris Fife-Schaw, University of Surrey
    South East DTC Advanced Training 2014 (£29,895)
  • Professor John Brewer, Queen's University Belfast
    Legal, ethical and moral issues in researching conflict, violence and peace (£29,745)
  • Professor Adam Hegdcoe, Cardiff University
    Advanced Methods in Science and Technology Studies (£26,697)
  • Professor Mark Shevlin, University of Ulster
    Training Workshops on Modelling Mechanisms of Change Using Longitudinal Archived Data (£28,060)
  • Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, University of Cambridge
    A suite of interdisciplinary advanced training opportunities for social scientists at the Cambridge DTC (£10,315)