Ten questions to ask yourself...

  1. What is it I want to tell?
    Think about what you want to write before you start, plan the order of your article and write it in the clearest way possible
  2. Who am I writing for?
    Have your audience in mind. Your readers will want to know how your research affects them, or the world around them
  3. How do I hook them in?
    A strong title and opening sentence or paragraph should grab their attention 
  4. What's the point?
    A clear and well-defined angle is essential. Decide on your main point early on and centre the whole piece on it
  5. Have I employed my inner cynic?
    It’s great to be enthusiastic about research, but be mindful of the claims you’re making
  6. Have I steered clear of jargon and clichés?
    These could lose you readers. If you have to use some terms which could be considered jargon you'll need to explain them - but remember to avoid footnotes and citations
  7. Is the story engaging?
    Make it a memorable read - style matters as much as content. Inject some personality in your writing. Think about adding some sparkle - maybe by inserting a quote or opinion from an expert
  8. How do I finish it off?
    The end of your article is key – it should finish telling the story of your research and leave readers feeling satisfied or wanting more. All great articles close with style
  9. Can it be better?
    Challenge the worth of every word and sentence. If it doesn’t add anything, delete it
  10. Is it all correct?
    Proofread your article for any errors (factual, grammatical or spelling)